We Offer Eastman Solar Products

We offer world-class and affordable solar solutions to all over south India to making solar energy affordable and available for everyone.

Solar panels

We are the most technologically advanced manufacturer and supplier of shock resistant, anodized aluminum frame, high-grade solar panels in all the ratings starting 100Wp to 265Wp. Our panels exceed industry standards and come with guaranteed power output tolerance to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Grid-Tie Inverters

We are the leading manufacturer of solar power inverter with options of graphical and digital parameter representation. These inverters range from 1KW to 60KW delivering high work efficiency and offering best alternative energy solution. They also come with current limiting & auto-reset options for short circuit protection and process reliability support.

Solar Off-Grid MPPT PCU

Our enhanced Solar off-Grid MPPT PCU helps you extract the maximum available power from PV module and works with most solar systems. They are designed for maximum efficiency and have inbuilt protection for short-circuit and overcharging.


Solar Off-Grid PWM PCU

Eastman self-sustaining PMW PCU is manufactured using world-class technology and process into an effective solution for areas struggling with frequent power cuts and shortage. It can be used for domestic, industrial and other events.

Solar Batteries

Eastman created a niche and are one of the most reliable brands in India manufacturing solar batteries for more than 47 years. We have witnessed unrivaled reputation since we started our journey and are known to design batteries that store the sun and release it when needed. We use unique deep cycle high-density plate technology to increase the battery backup and this ensures the low loss of current during the charging process. We use the composition of lead antimony and selenium to design our batteries which ensures low corrosion and higher performance. Our batteries are low maintenance, have extraordinarily long life and can be a great relief from the ever-rising electricity bills.