Solar Panels

Eastman Solar PV Modules

Eastman solar panels have been manufactured from high transmission glass and cell surface texturing which confirm excellent performance in low light conditions.

We design our solar panel in well-established research center using world-class technology platform and process. It comes with a premium grade high-efficiency 4BB solar cells and Robust anodized non-corroding aluminum frame with weatherproof junction box.

It is potential induced degradation (PD) resistant and produces more power due to positive power tolerance. It is suitable for all types of solar applications off-grid, Grid tie, Hybrid and bi-directional etc.

How it works

Eastman solar panels comprise of high quality 4BB photovoltaic cells. These cells, when linked together, make up a solar panel. Each photovoltaic cell is basically a sandwich made up of two slices of semi-conducting material, usually, silicon and the panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity.

Available Models

Eastman solar panels have a variety of uses according to the different models it manufactures. So here is a detailed description of different Eastman solar panel models to understand their varying use.

Modules EPP100W

Modules EPP150W

Modules EPP265W

Core Features