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Now a day’s Uninterrupted power supply is like God’s Gift.  Now this Gift can be generated with your own hands by installing Solar Power Plant.  It provides Uninterrupted Power, reduces Energy bill, and you will be the major contributor to the nation by generating power.

Solsken Solar Power Plant is designed to produce power from Sunlight by using Photo Voltaic Modules.  The SPV modules will be placed on the precise structures with the specially designed MPPT Solar charge controller for optimum Sunlight energy tracking.  This solar plant will include SPV, Hybrid Solar Inverter / UPS, MPPT, Batteries (for Power Backup) and interconnecting wire system.  Unit varies from 5 KVA to 100 KVA. It is user friendly and environmental safe.  It can be mounted on the roof top also.

The power production and the working of the Plant can be monitored through remote Monitoring system widely called as Solar Energy Meter.

Why Investment in Solar Power Plant ?

1. Capital Subsidy ( 30% )-MNRE, India provides 30% capital subsidy on Solar roof top plants up to 500 KWp size.
2. Accelerated Depreciation (100%) in Income Tax- Investment in solar power is eligible for 100% accelerated depreciation In Income Tax Act, hence can save 33.3% of the cost from Income Tax Savings.
3. Long useful life ( More than 25 years ).
4. Nominal / negligible maintenance and Requires less monitoring.
5. Reduce your electricity bill / DG Set fuel cost and generate valuable additional income from your rooftop space.
6. Attractive recovery/ payback period of 3 to 5 years.

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